Ab0ut Us

NAC Outsourcing provide skilled staff wherever and whenever you need them.

NAC Outsourcing supplies managed service provision (MSP) tailored to meet the needs of your engineering, automotive or manufacturing company. This enables your business to focus, innovate and grow by concentrating on your business operations.

What we do

As a skills outsourcing company, we can discuss your company’s needs, identify key areas for potential outsourcing and draw up a detailed plan for partnership working and delivery. We can also negotiate a detailed service level agreement (SLA) to deliver the agreed measurable outcomes and timescales.


NAC Agency supply trained labour on an agency basis to your business in the engineering, automotive or manufacturing sector. This enables your business to respond rapidly and flexibly to fluctuations in demand. NAC Agency can work with your business to plan workforce needs and identify the training and coaching staff to meet skills gaps for new product lines and working procedures.

As a company, we are committed the following areas…


We aim to help reduce emissions and pollution in the environment through less commuting. We aim to help lower the carbon footprint of companies with reduction in the need for office sqm energy sources.

Local Enterprises

We work with local enterprises to create opportunities in both engineering and manufacturing. We are closely aligned with the North East's biggest employers to help establish a solid, skilled workforce.


We are affiliated with NA College and Stream On Demand to provide skills training to everyone. We support the overall NAC mission 'to nurture talent and inspire everyone to pursue fulfilling careers'.


Public transportation and infrastructure can be affected by network strikes, maintenance, or adverse weather conditions delaying employee commutes. This is the same in any company and our skilled staff are resilient and willing to work with you on an arising problems.