Business Development Manager

We're recruiting a business development manager to join our team.

NAC Outsourcing are a large, successful and established business in the North East incorporating an Agency and an Outsourced division for fixed term and permanent staff.  We currently supply trained labour to Nissan and their supply chain.

We are seeking an experienced and motivated Business Development Manager to develop and market the services we offer.


• To achieve the agreed business growth targets for NAC Outsourcing’s Agency and Outsourcing business.

• Effectively engage in recruiting employers and agency staff to targets as agreed.

• To drive the development of the Agency and Outsourcing growth strategy for NAC Outsourcing


To manage and drive the operational arrangements for business development and employer engagement in order to:

1. Develop the business to meet growth targets primarily through employer engagement.

2. Develop and deliver successful presentations as required to secure business with employers.

3. Lead on the production of customer bespoke training needs.

4. Ensure efficient and effective management to achieve business targets for NAC Outsourcing.

5. Provide reports on business performance and ensure accurate and detailed updates on progress against targets

6. Develop extensive and productive employer relationships within agreed sectors.

7. To ensure that effective marketing and network strategies are being implemented to improve employer recruitment.  

8. Implement sound impact measures with employers that demonstrate the value of the staff and training provided.

9. Liaise with the H&S team particularly on assessing employer premises.

10. To ensure effective formal communications with all staff.

11. To represent NAC Outsourcing as appropriate on employer and stakeholder forums in particular.

12. To undertake any other duties, as required, appropriate to the grade of the post.


All people who work for NAC Outsourcing are expected to engage in normal business tasks such as:

• Know what and where the NAC strategy is, what it contains, and make sure what they do on a day to day basis is in line with the strategic objectives in some way.

• Ensure the work they do is of a high quality standard and NAC procedures and policies are followed at all times.  

• Engage in personal professional development to keep up to date in industry/commercial issues, attend mandatory training.

• Present NAC in a positive way at all times with external clients, students, customers etc.

• Work flexibly and efficiently in order to meet customers’ needs, whilst maintaining the highest possible professional standards.

• Bring new ideas and try new ideas/approaches with an open mind.

• Comply with NAC’s HR policies and Health & Safety policy, at all times.

• Support NAC’s commitment to carrying out its functions with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

• Respect everyone, regardless of who they are, in accordance with the NAC’s policy relating to equality and diversity.  In doing this, ensure that everyone within the company is free from any kind of bullying/harassment.

• Fully engage in the performance management process.

• Maintain confidentiality and security of data at all times.

• Live the NAC values in daily life and embed in everything they do.

It’s important we keep this document up to date, so that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them and misunderstandings are avoided. This job description can be changed but only in consultation with you.

Skills, Knowledge and Aptitudes

• Demonstrate outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

• Demonstrate the ability to manage budgets and resources within financial targets.

• Have a sound knowledge of industry for different sectors.

• An excellent understanding of Health and Safety

• Be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the factors determining good business performance in a modern agency setting.

• A good working knowledge of Agency Worker Regulations

Qualifications & Training

• Have ICT skills equivalent to a minimum Level 2 standard.

• Have good numerical and literacy skills equivalent to a minimum Level 2 standard.


• Have established links with major employers

• Have an excellent understanding of Agencies and their workings

• Have an excellent understanding of business development and target setting.

• Be people centred and have significant experience of motivating, inspiring and managing successful teams of staff.

• Have a good understanding of excellent Health and Safety practice.

Skills, Knowledge and Aptitudes

• Understanding of businesses and their needs

• Negotiation skills

• Excellent presentation skills

• Have knowledge of a range of sectors

Posted by: Dane Hamilton on May 31, 2019

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